New Plants that will Blow you Away this Year

Stunning plants are always nice to have in your landscape garden.  We often find these new gems in Spring when the nurseries launch their new lineup for the summer.  Here is a heads-up……2024 is a little different than years past.  While most years have a couple of inviting plants that seem to have a new attribute that makes them stand out from a relative, this year there is an entire toolbox of new plants that will construct wonderful things in your worn down landscape.

I’d say there are two main categories that really shine this year, color and size.  I will blog in April about size, or dwarf plants, therefore for this blog I’m going to focus on plants that either have a new bloom color or new leaf color.  Read on to hear about some of the new additions that you will be able to pick up at Bachmans or Gertens.

Form over Function (Almost) – Some of these are Medicinal too!

Matcha Ball Falsespirea:  This plant has great texture all year, but the newly emerging growth all summer tends to give this Falsespirea a warming blush that steals the show.

Hypericum Cobalt and Gold:  Yellow flowers adorn this St. Johns Wort plant.  The Blue/Green Texture contrasts its flowers.  A very nice plant that holds medicinal value for mood enhancement.

Iceberg Alley Sageleaf Willow:  The amazing flower on this is as exciting as the silvery leaves.  It you know what sage looks like then you will already have a visual queue on what this will look like as it pops against maroons and chartreuse neighbors.

Panther Ninebark:  This seems to be the darkest leaf of all Ninebark plants.  The narrow upright habit it carries will fit tightly into that small pocket behind the shed.


Rainbow Marcella Coneflower:  I’ve always been in love with the Coneflower plant.  Just looking at this “cheery” plant makes it known that its root are very helpful in staving off oncoming colds.

Sunjoy Todo Barberry:  Barberry are always good at making a statement.  Many get too large and the thorns often dissuade pruning, but the Sunjoy Todo stays small, so plant away…you will never have to prune this lovely specimen!

As mentioned above, you should be able to find these at Bachman’s or Gerten’s here in the Mpls/St. Paul area.  If you would like some help please call us here at Beds and Borders.  Andy Freeland