It seems as though summer is here a bit earlier than last year. I remember it being really cold up till July last year so this is nice. Most of the landscape is shifting gears: You will notice:

1) Iris getting ready to bloom.
2) The round Peony flower heads are bulging and will soon open.
3) Crabapples are fading while the Redbuds are peaking.
4) Chokeberry are in full swing.
5) Serviceberry are amazing.
6) Creeping Phlox still going strong.
7) The Basswood are the last of the trees to leaf out.
8) Cottonwood’s are going to be unloading their massive cotton clouds soon.
9) Elm seeds are falling. PREEN.
10) Azalea are starting. My favorite smell! I also like Sweet Autumn Clematis, Ruby Spice Clethra, Lilac, Mock Orange, and David Austin Roses for the best fragrance.
11) The birds have moved through and are up North.
12) Walleyes are biting!
13) Grass growth is raging.
14) Pulmonaria and Bleeding heart are in full swing.