The Three E’s For my 2021 New Years Resolution in Review.

The three E’s, (Epson’s Ecotank printer, Tesla’s EV – the Model 3, and Ego’s weed trimmer) as I call them, are very important products that have become commonplace in my life over the past year.  Heading into 2021 I was graced by their presence and instantaneously they made very meaningful impacts in my life.  They gave me joy in terms of being environmental.  They were faster.  Every one was easy to maintain.  The Ego didn’t spew toxins at me or into a landfill.  All were cheaper than other options over the course of their lifetime.  Check out below to see a link to their website.

E is NOT for Eventually – The time is NOW to upgrade to make a change.

Tesla is a great car.  I pay about half of what gas would cost.  There are very few parts in an electric car so they are basically maintenance-free from beginning to the end.  Insurance is a little high, but I expect this to come down as more EV’s take to the roads.  This is happening as we speak so don’t worry about it.


Epson came out with the Ecotank printing system.  There are no more cartridges to throw out.  The bottles of ink used to replace the cartridges provide an absurd out.  Compared to what HP does to consumers’ pocketbooks and the environment through their archaic and unethical approach to selling ink, these Epson printers are hands-down a no-brainer choice.


Ego is bad.  As in Michael Jackson Bad.  If you grew up in the ’80s…..LOL.    They make a lithium-Ion battery lineup for just about everything.  2020 was the lawnmower for me.  No more gas fumes for an hour.  2021 was the weed whipper.  Super Quiet and soooo powerful!  Next year is the chainsaw.


These 3 have changed my life and my outlook as to what is heading our way.  Buckle up because the world is changing and there is no going back.  Enjoy the ride!  Andy