What better to do on a rainy day than to detail out my growing chore list.  If weather permitting you might want to hit some of these up soon before they start piling up.

1)  Pruning

2)  Applying Preen

3) Round-up problem areas on hot, windless day

4) Transplating

5) Weeding

6) Raking out thatch

7) Planting garden

8) Planting pots

9) Mulching

10) Annual Beds

11) Grass Seed

12) Edging lines

13) Putting hoops around Peonies before they get too big.

14) Patio sealing

15) Irrigation system maintenence

16) Core Aeration

17) Staging bird baths and lawn decor

18) Pouring some lemonaide of a warm day

19) Calling your favorite landscape company for any of the above