Boulders can be an expression of your house, your favorite vacation spot, or perhaps just your favorite colors. The boulders outlined below details the 3 main boulder choices seen around town most often.

1) Trap Rock – No matter if it is called Superior Trap, Mesabi Red, Bleeding Jasper, or Gitche Gumee you will find this beautiful gray-colored boulders in many landscapes trying to assimilate Northern Minnesota. It goes great with conifers and ground hugging shrubs. Inline image 1

2013-05-30 10.09.052) Limestone – This is found in southern areas of Minnesota that once was ancient sea bed. This type of stone works well with prairie style plantings including grasses and colorful perennials. Inline image 2

3) Glacial Boulders – When the glaciers receded back into Canada they left millions of amazing round boulders in our farm fields. They are pain in the butt to the farmers, but in our landscape their gorgeous striations and intrusions are nothing short of spectacular. There are certain places in our state that have better stone so it would be wise to call us and find out how your outcroppings and walls can look better using these region-specific specimens. Inline image 3

Gertens in Inver Grove Heights has great stone and better yet they have an amazing show area. It is always a great field trip to visit them. Just avoid the weekends in May if you do not like crowds.