GojiEvery winter I bury my nose in landscaping publications and new plant catalogs for the coming season. Over the course of the past week I noticed some interesting choices that I thought would be intriguing to most Minnesotans. Check out these fun plants. Perhaps one might make its way into a sunny spot in your yard this summer.

  • Issai KiwiI Googled this one immediately.  It looks like the internet says it is out of our zone.  My guess is that there has been some trial gardening with this one.  Perhaps it has been fine over the last 10 years, but I would venture to guess that this winter might be tough on Kiwi. I’d be willing to give it a try though. If you experiment….please let me know!
  • Goji Berry – Trend or not, this is supposed to be a very tasty berry. There is no doubt that I will give it a shot in my edible garden this year. I do love to design gardens that you can eat so please call me if you are interested!
  • Contender Peach – Who knew we could grow peaches, let alone a self-pollinating one? Word is that the flowers will tolerate a late frost. This is critical in fruit production.
  • Parker Pear – Its been around since 1934 as a U of M production.  Why isn’t it everywhere?
Beds & Borders does warranty all plants over winter.  If you are interested in a quote for spring planting please call Andy.