Unusual Plant Names that Make you Say, WHAT THE HECK?

Unusual plant names are common.  Sometimes I think the marketing comes from a group of avid gardeners sitting in a room thinking they are like Hallmark Card creators trying to come up with a clever and sellable name.  In certain cases, it appears that struggles finding that slam dunk led to something very unappealing.  Check these out!

2022’s most unusual plants list:

Spirea Double Play Blue Kazoo is a nice plant and worth planting but this name has no bearing on what it does and what it looks like.

Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick must be special to a single individual but when I put it in a plan (which I don’t do anymore) nobody want it.  Is it the plant or the name??

Rock N Round Pride and Joy Sedum is a cool new plant but I had to laugh at how all that wording amounted to something that represented the plant.

Cole’s Prostrate always brings a laugh.  Seems they let the medical board name this one.

There are a lot of fun and unusual plant names.  I hope these were entertaining.  Andy