We are still losing our beloved Elm.  Next in peril, our Green Ash.  It is important to keep a rotation of trees on a property even though we all cringe at the thought of losing that big shade tree in our backyard.  Beds & Borders had a tremendous amount of sucess last year promoting our “Free Tree” offer.  I would venture to guess at least 25% of all our projects received a tree.  Our hope in 2011 is to plant over 50% of our projects with a Native Minnesota shade or understory tree.  Minnesota has some amazing specimens endemic to our region and we are proud to give back to our clients, environment and Minnesota with this offer.  Some trees we have planted in the past include:

  • Blue Beech
  • Sugar Maple
  • Ironwood
  • Paper Birch
  • Oak Varieties

Your new tree species will depend on the amount of light in your yard as well as the soil pH;  either way there will be an excellent choice for you and your yard!

You will receive your tree at the same time we are completing your landscape installation.  During the design/estimate process we will talk about where to plant your tree and what type would be best suitable amongst the micro-climates on your property.  The tree will come in either a#7 or #10 gallon container depending on availability and the particular plant choice.