There are many gadgets available today that make life much much easier and more enjoyable than just 10 year ago.  See my list of helpful weather toys below.

  1. .  This machine allows we to be my own meteorologist.  It sends data to my computer and phone.  I can see what is going on at my place in real time.  My favorite feature is the rain gauge….especially when it says it is raining cat and dogs!
  2. Rain sensor on my irrigation system.  It is law to have one now, but it you don’t please get one as you don’t want to be the neighborhood bozo watering your lawn after a 4″ nighttime soaking.  Happens all the time.  In a nutshell the sensor will detect rain and prevent the system from working until an internal sponge dries out.
  3. A simple rain gauge.  1″ of water per week is what your plants  and grass need.  Spend 5 bucks and you will have some good locker room talk as to how much rain you received last night.
  4. Internet Apps.  I listed off 4 great apps to a guy at national night out in August when he asked what ones worked the best.  I do not have a favorite, but use them all.  In any event when the massive storm approached I opened up Weatherbug and showed him the hail heading our way.  His doubt regarding the accuracy of a mobile app quickly left as the hail was hitting him on the head.  No Joke.
  5. There is a pH, water moisture, and soil temp gauge at Menards for 6 dollars.  I am going to give one to each client next year.  Why?  Because it will stop the million emails I get about when and how much to water.  Stick that little feller into the soil just under a plant and it tells you if it is overly wet, just right, or too dry.  Also…it will show pH.  Very helpful for you Hydrangea lovers.  Lastly if you are into Morel mushroom hunting the temp gauge will let you know when to hit the woods.  I will not say any will have to figure the temp out on that one yourself.

Give something new a try!