The only points of interest flora-wise are:  Blooming Magnolia, Forsythia (still….the prolonged cold has kept the blooms going strong), and PJM Rhodos just starting.

Elevated pollen levels mean that trees and shrubs are trying to think  spring.  Fortuantely all the water coming from the sky is removing much of the particulates from the air, a much needed break from the horrible allergy season of last spring!  If you can’t remember, it didn’t rain much and the blooms were going nuts spewing out pollen which accumulated to mega-amounts around town.

For the bird lovers.  The warblers are supposidly here.  I will check tomorrow and get back to you all.

Mushrooms:  perhaps some small grey morels in areas where the UV’s have warmed warmer black soil (south exposure).  With high soil moisture, we are in for a fantastic year if the heat kicks in.  Get your garbage bags ready!!

I’ll keep my eyes open this week for signs of spring and report back with some facebook postings!

Andy Freeland