My lilacs didn’t bloom this year I hear her ask me.  Did you cut them back last year?  Yes.  When?  In the Fall.  That’s the problem.

Lilacs bloom from flowers set on the branches from the previous year’s growth.  In a nutshell this lady cut off all the immature flower buds when she did a fall pruning, therefore rendering the plant void of any chance to be showy.

Prune the lilac within two weeks after the flowers have faded.  By doing this you will encourage new vigourous growth while having piece of mind that you didn’t cut off the flowers.

One rule of thumb when pruning woody shrubs is to cut about 1/3rd of the old woody branches from the base of the tree.  Do this for 3 consecutive years and you will have a rejuvenated shrub.

Get out and enjoy the freshness/fragrance this time of year……it will be hot soon!!

Andy Freeland