Wild Hair Plants

Wild hair is the name of the game in this blog. I love using plants in the landscape that have interesting textures and colors.  When combined together they provide us with some of the best choices in the landscape world.  I thought I would share a few that, to me, resembled some unique haircuts.  The personification of plants is a fun thing to ponder.  I have found that as I learn more about plants I see traits that line up with us humans.  In the case of this blog, I am providing examples of plants that like to be bold, unique, and WILD!

Check These Out!

Flamingo Willow, otherwise know as Hakuro Nishiki Willow, is an excellent pink leaved plant with a great alternative hairdo!

Arctic Blueleaf Willow is striking with its fine texture and blue leaves.  Buyer beware though as it can get much larger than the 6 feet the tag says!  A blue Afro if you would.

Louisa Weeping Crabppale is the best Crabapple and when in bloom its voluptuous flower clusters drape to the ground giving it a dreadlock look.

The mullet of the tree family in the landscape is the Weeping Mulberry.  If it could only play hockey.

Gramma Grass looks like it has little barrettes all over the tips.  Also called Side Oats if you run across this pretty gem.


There are many more fun plants that hold these characteristics.  These were just a few to name.  All of these are zone 4 hardy.  Plant away in Minnesota!