A dry fall combined with the lack of snow has made many of us landscapers and gardeners scratch our heads as to the potential of seeing huge losses in plants – especially the evergreens.  I have encouraged many to water even during the winter.  Why?  Because evergreens use water all winter unlike leaf-bearing trees which go dormant.  When March comes and groundwater is scare the Pines start to dry out.  Combine this with already dry soil from the fall, strong late North winds, high sun angle and it is a recipe for lots of brown conifers.  What is our saving Grace on this besides lots of prayer?  The forecast!  With 70’s slated for next week the ground will surely thaw allowing water to get to these plants – precious water that typically runs off until April.  The only key to this is Rain.  If we do not see any precipitation in the form of rain once the ground softens then the drought continues and more than the evergreens will suffer.  Please RAIN!


Andy Freeland